Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh– Today we are talking about a union territory that is astonishingly industrialized and developed. Chandigarh is the heart of North India on the Business front. The Pharmaceutical Market in this region is very vast and presents a lot of opportunities. Tanishka Pharmaceuticals is a leading company that has a great distribution network in Pan India. Based in Baddi, with our innovative solutions, we are looking to bring real change to the healthcare system of the area with our Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh.

Tanishka Pharmaceuticals is an emerging Pharmaceutical Company with a lot of experience in the manufacturing side of the business. Our Company is dedicated to perfecting a line of medications in the range of tablets, capsules, soft-gel capsules, dry syrups, suspensions, protein powders, infusions, injectables, ointments, gels, sachets, and syringes, etc. With numerous manufacturing units throughout India, we believe in healthcare for all. Therefore, we produce a long list of products at affordable prices. Hence, we are by far the topmost Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh.

Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh

Invest in an incredible all medicines range with the Third-Party Manufacturing Company, Tanishka Pharmaceuticals. Call us on the number +91-8360465563, or send us an email at

Why is Tanishka Pharmaceuticals the First Choice for Pharma Manufacture?

At our manufacturing units where we use the latest technology and computerized blockchain systems to keep track of our progress. With our spread of network in Pan India, we are always right on time for delivery. Therefore, we are a leading Pharma manufacturing establishment in India. Here are the many properties about our working that put us on the map.

  1. Cost-effective.
  2. Effective medicines.
  3. Timely deliveries
  4. Efficient preparation.
  5. Quality-oriented approach.
  6. High Ethical values.
  7. 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Hence, we are the one-stop-shop for all your pharma manufacture need that you have been looking for. Therefore, indulge in our wide range of medications for Manufacturing in Chandigarh.

Trust the Best Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh

Here at Tanishka Pharmaceuticals, we have been around enough to know the importance of Pharma manufacture companies for pharma marketing companies. Therefore, we work hard to produce medicines that are acceptable for all. And, hence, our services have been nothing short of remarkable to our clients. Therefore, our Chandigarh-Based Pharma Manufacturing Company will be a huge success. Here’s why you should trust us for manufacturing services.

  • With years of extensive research, we have climbed the ladder of success with more than 2500 formulations.
  • Our molecules and innovative solutions and working with more than 10,000 Active ingredients have led to an amazing year for sales.
  • And, our annual turnover is great and reflects well on our hard work.
  • Our medicines give great results and thus, we have a great customer base.

Purest and Richest Quality Solutions at Top Pharma Manufacturer Company

At Tanishka Pharmaceuticals we make sure to provide our patients with the richest quality medicines. Therefore, we work hard and test our products at all stages. The compendial processes we run on our range of medications are hand-picking the raw materials and necessary excipients. After that, we determine the properties of all ingredients and this is accompanied by doing several reactions with the ingredients. We then test the medicines during the process of reaction.

And finally, the products are tested on the final compounds. Here is a variety of medications that we produce.

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Analgesics
  3. Medicines for Hypertension
  4. Diabetic Range
  5. Anti-fungal
  6. Cardiac Medicines
  7. Gastro-intestinal
  8. Ophthalmology
  9. Gynaecology Range
  10. Dermatology
  11. Pediatric Range
  12. Neuropsychiatry
  13. Geriatric Range

Hence, all these medicines that go through intense testing, are pure in quality and have accurate compositions through and through.

ISO-WHO Certified Manufacturing Company in Pan India

At a Pharmaceutical Company with our experience, we maintain our machinery with all the guidelines that are presented by the ISO and the WHO. We also make sure to conform to the regulations that are given by the DCGI. Also, we make sure to get all our medicines certified by the FSSAI. This is why we run a successful business. Also, the following properties make us the leaders of Chandigarh-Based Pharma Manufacturing Company.

  1. We deal with cost-effective medicines.
  2. Our products are tested thoroughly.
  3. The manufacturing units are well equipped.
  4. Our scientists are well-trained.
  5. We excel in the field of biotechnology.
  6. And, our quality Control team works tirelessly.
  7. Also, we have a great background with doctors.
  8. Our R&D department is always innovating.

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Address– Vill: Nandpur, Lodhimajra Road, Baddi, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India, 174101

Contact– +91-8360465563