Tanishka Pharmaceuticals is a renowned Pharma company that is offering third-party Pharma manufacturing service. All the drug formulations for the Pharma manufacturing follow WHO- GMP standards to ensure the quality of the products and effectiveness of medicines. All the matter at Tanishka Pharmaceutical is administered professionally and ethically which makes us perfect for trading. We remain adaptable and aware of the changing demands of our customers. We support quality procedures at entire stages from material procurements to testing or even maintaining the firm of the product.

Our complete hub is own our third party pharma manufacturing facility, which builds our name in the top pharma companies which are offering its third party manufacturing services. The company’s focus is on the quality of the product, customer-oriented, advanced use of the machinery for international standards. Our only influence is on the intense quality, potential, reasonable, drugs for the clients, though they can hive on the ability like testing and marketing.

Capabilities of Tanishka Pharmaceuticals for 3rd Party Pharma Manufacturing

Tanishka Pharmaceuticals supplies numerous pharma products through its third party Pharma Manufacturer service. We are fabricators of masses of rigid and fluid oral dose form with top-notch standards.

  • Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Dry syrups, PEAD/SYP/DROPS, etc. all require apex shear crumb, fluid bed processing and coating of film on the medicines.
  • Oral Drug products and prolonged release drugs are manufactured under the eyes of the proficient researchers of our company which use innovative driven techniques.

Our State-of-The-Art Manufacturing Facilities

The substitute matter which makes Tanishka Pharmaceuticals supreme for third party manufacturing is the state of the art manufacturing facilities. We are completely amalgamated with sophisticated appliances and prefer ultra-modern mechanisms. All the manufacturing unit of our premises is licensed by WHO, GMP, and ISO. Aside, from all this, our formulation units comprise of the following amenities:

  1. QC lab, R&D analytical testing, and R&D manufacturing Facility.
  2. FDA registration
  3. DEA licenses (Manufacturing, Import, Export & Wholesale)We have clinical packaging and warehouse to carry our further activities after manufacturing medicine.
  4. State licenses (Manufacturing and Wholesale)
  5. Licenses (includes Schedules I-V)

Basic facilities for third party Pharma Manufacturing

Tanishka Pharmaceuticals is the leading third Pharma Company, providing manufacturing services to all. Below are our traits making the company best in the pharma industry-

  • Cross-checking of the entire products accompanying the trials and lab testings.
  • Assistance in forging the logo as well as in selecting the brand name
  • Support in recruiting the design for packaging along with the material procurement
  • Launching fresh and out of the box molecules
  • The first time dispense of the product administered in 40-45 days. If the supply of the drugs is constant, then it will take 20-25 days.

Our operation does not end here. Being a dominant pharma company we affirm to cater to the best amenities to our entire business merchandise. Apart from this, we try to keep pace with the changing trends and requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic Association and its productive Value

Over the past years, Third-party manufacturing has flashed as one of the most devoted and fruitful ways to ease the expenses of outlays for narrow and moderate scale pharma enterprises. Beneath are the benefits obtained through third party pharma manufacturing:

  1. The company modifies the schedule of every product to be delivered and keep a regular check on the process.
  2. Authentic dispense of profounded quality products
  3. Also, it is tactful in expanding the net wages and revises the funds
  4. All the drugs go through the scanning of the quality assurance team
  5. Moreover, empowering the clients to deal with vending and testing.

Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Process

Our aspiration for perfection is a value innate which enables the company to execute the demands of the clients. We pass the benefits of Excise Free Zone like excise duty, central sales tax to our clients to ensure the most competitive rates in the market. To fulfill the imperative call for versatility, reliability and stern confidentiality, we manufacture the best quality of products.

  • The raw materials and ingredients are obtained from a trustable vendor for the manufacturing of the medicines. This promises the product quality.
  • The state of the art of the manufacturing unit is furnished well where the production process takes place.
  • The manpower for the manufacturing process is full of proficient and talented researchers.
  • Moreover, the team for contract manufacturing in India is knowledgeable and experienced.