Pharma Manufacturer for Pediatric Range– If you are looking to invest in a wide range of medicines for children and infants, we have just what you need. Tanishka Pharmaceuticals is the number one name of good manufacturing practices. Should you choose to unite with us for business, you will be offered exciting bonuses and additional attractive deals. You should buy from us because we are the number one company when it comes to quality and consistency. Thus, you can put your trust in us as the Best Pharma Manufacturer for Pediatric Range.

Here at Tanishka Pharmaceuticals, we try to achieve a level of excellence like no other Pharmaceutical establishment. We are a Pharmaceutical Company that works best on our foundation of reliability. Our wonderful formulations for a vast line of pediatric medicines have worked very well for us in the past. Our Company is on the number one considering the Top Pharma Manufacturing Companies in India. Our ISO and WHO certified manufacturing plants in Gujarat, Baddi, Assam, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu, we have quickly become the leading Pharma Manufacturer for Pediatric Range.

Pharma Manufacturer for Pediatric Range

To know more about our vast range of medicines in the range of injectables, dry syrups and suspensions, along with chewable tablets, feel free to reach out to us at any time. You may call us on the number +91-8360465563, or write to us at

In Search for the Best Pharma Manufacturer of Pediatric Range?

Pediatric Range of medicines is widely used in India. With our large population and known cases of malnourishment among children, the nation is looking forward to the medical breakthrough in technology to give way to companies like Tanishka Pharmaceuticals. Our Company is bent on serving the populous with quality pediatric medicines in Pan India. Here is why you should invest in our company:

  1. Our manufacturing units are in state-of-the-art conditions.
  2. The machinery at our manufacturing zones is capable of mass production.
  3. Our production sites are fully equipped for creating a wide range of medicines.
  4. And, our medicines are highly effective and work efficiently.

‘Tanishka’ Presents Ground-breaking Formulations of Pediatrics

Actively using more than 2500 formulations for a wide range of medicines for Pediatric use. Our medicines range comes from quality raw materials and resourceful active pharmaceutical ingredients. With a reliable Research and Development team, we are able to successfully create a vast line of medicines that are high in quality and are highly effective for children of all ages. We try to make medicines available to all. Here are some of the reasons you should do business with Tanishka Pharmaceuticals:

  • Best Materials: We use the most high-quality equipment and active ingredients that are imported to us from all parts of the world. Our quality ingredients are hand-picked and have 100% quality assurance.
  • Dynamic Workflow: Here at Tanishka Pharmaceuticals we handle work through the approach of hard work and raw effort. We have based years of research into our work. And, with an excellent team of researchers, we will soon be the Top Manufacturing Company for Pediatrics.
  • Packaging with Care: We are a company that focusses on quality above all else. Therefore, when it comes to packaging, we put our utmost care into choosing the best materials for packaging.

Rapidly Growing Market of Pediatric Medicines in Pan India

People are interested in this line of medications because these are doing pretty well in the Market. The Size of this particular market has outgrown its expectations and is said to be the most profitable line of medicines for investment. Our services are available in Pan India for a variety of Pediatric ailments. The success of this line of medicines is reflected in the below-mentioned factors.

  1. The observed Market size of the Pediatric Medicine market in the span of 2017 to the year 2021 was about 4.97%.
  2. And, in the span of 2019-2024, this pattern shows consistency as the CAGR at which the market is estimated to expand at 4.70%.
  3. As recorded in this year, the value in monetary terms of this market was 92.6 Billion US dollars.
  4. This value is estimated to reach a great value of about 116.6 Billion US dollars in the year 2024.

Therefore, contact us at any time for your business. As the Best Pediatric Medicine Manufacturers, we are in this business for the goal of healthcare for all children. Therefore, reach out to us for a great customer and client experience.

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